CryptoParty512 - San Marcos, TX

Who We Are: CryptoParty512 is a group of like minded individuals that want to educate and learn best practices about how encryption can protect our digital privacy rights. All are welcome to attend our events and contribute. We encourage this by saying if this is your first time, then enjoy the visit, but if you come back please be prepared to speak. Now speaking can be about any topic or just an introduction of yourself and what your currently working on, exploring. Topics don't have to be infosec, cryptographic, digital rights in origin but we do encourage it. Please keep talks around 5 minutes unless previously scheduled. In order to schedule a longer talk or presentation please email the organizers at:

What We Do: Host free open disussions where the general public can come to learn basic to advanced cryptography skills. We want to make crypto accessible to as many people as possible, so we always aim to provide at least one topic at the beginner level. We encourage people of all computer skill levels to attend and learn, help others learn, or respectfully contribute to the social atmosphere.
What We Don't Do: We don't exclude anyone willing to learn. We don't harass anyone for any reason. We don't discriminate for any reason. We don't break any laws.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  Please keep in mind we are still building this site and working to reboot our group, but now is a great time to become involved and help us find and shape our vision, be sure to check back and see the improvements to our page and resources there in. Thanks for stopping by.

Contact Us! If you want to contribute, to the group, discussions, activities, or want to help with the site, just email us at:


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No events currently scheduled. Check back soon for info on the next planning meeting. we are currently evaluating venues for our reboot event. so by waives all copyright and related or neighboring rights to We have no affiliation with any linked site unless otherwise noted. if you have any improvements or suggestions please email the organizers at: